Günter Schlienz - Orph​é​e aux Enfers (Moon Glyph)

  • Günter Schlienz - Orph​é​e aux Enfers (Moon Glyph)

Günter Schlienz - Orph​é​e aux Enfers (Moon Glyph)

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Orph​é​e aux Enfers
by Günter Schlienz

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Rindenberg Sounds like shadows in the underworld...trapped in a sonic limbo between "not yet" and "not anymore", coming and going like silent guests, merely indicating the stories they bear and the sorrows they carry. Günter Schlienz created an album like a silent theater play, highly narrative without saying a single word. Beautiful! Favorite track: Eurydike.
mountmaxwell thumbnail
mountmaxwell Incredibly creative and eclectic work. Highly recommended. Favorite track: Eurydike.
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Rêve Dorphée 00:00 / 05:21
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Rêve Dorphée 05:21
Eurydike 12:31
Kerberus 01:53
Hades 09:04
Don't Look Back 02:16
Händel & Gluck 08:06
Günter Schlienz is an electronic musician and composer based in Stuttgart, Germany. He combines do-it-yourself modular synths, tape machines, guitar and field recordings to create cascading layers of ambience verging on musique concrète. On "Orphée aux Enfers", Schlienz combines his synthesizers with numerous acoustic instruments: viola, strings, piano, voices and undefined textures. Bringing in these acoustic sounds allowed Schlienz to collaborate with many musicians lending their unique talents. The results are hypnotizing, a casual stroll through a wash of otherwordly melodies and unique soundscapes of looped voices, circular strings and resonant synthesizer passages. There’s a sophistication and light touch across "Orphée aux Enfers" giving the album it’s purposeful aesthetic and casual grace.

Released November 6, 2020

Cassettes will be shipped from Slovakia.

Each purchase will include traditional sweets, thank you note and the brand new cassette.